Tuesday, June 14, 2011


City Creek Center.

Presently under construction in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Spanning three square blocks in downtown SLC (approx. 23 acres), right across the street from Temple Square.

Opening in March 2012. 

Granted, it is going to be beautiful - and it will add a touch of elegance to the city.  High-end stores and shops.  Trendy boutiques.  Retractable roof.  Restaurants.  Performing Arts Center.  Theatres.  Luxury condos.  Sports and Fitness Center.  Office buildings.  Banks.  Grocery store.  And on and on...

Just look at this website -- http://www.downtownrising.com/ -- which, by the way, is being sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (in other words, "paid for"). 

The fact is, the Mormon Church is building City Creek Center via one of its "real estate arms," City Creek Reserve Inc. (which I find very interesting).  And it has already cost over $5 billion dollars.  That much, and it's not even done yet - so no telling what the cost is going to be by the time it is completed.  Naturally, the suits in SLC are saying that "no tithing monies are being used in the building of the City Creek Mall."  Really?  They expect us to believe that?  Yes, they do.  But in reality, whether or not tithing monies are being used directly to build this Mall, whatever monies are being used are derivative in some manner of tithing monies.  Trying to camoflague the truth.  Typical.

So here is my tribute to City Creek Center -
and my latest hymn parody.

Sung to the tune of They, the Builders of the Nation, #36

They, the builders of the Center,
Spent $5 billion as of now.
Lots of stores to do your shopping,
Nordstrom, Macy's, take a bow.
Building new exclusive condos,
Costs are rising as we speak,
Rising upward, ever upward,
This expensive City Creek.

Though they say no tithing monies
Have been used to build the Mall,
They must think we're really stupid,
Idiots, for that to fall.
They're transforming Salt Lake City,
Modern and extremely chic,
Doesn't fit the "Mormon image,"
This expensive City Creek.

Mormons Inc. is even truer
Than it ever was before.
Its net worth was $30 billion
In the 90's, now much more.
But they try to keep it quiet,
Do not ask and they won't speak
Of their many "wise investments,"
As they're building City Creek.

Such religious implications,
Christian charity they boast.
Pay your tithing, fill the coffers,
Profit is what matters most.
Helping people, so they'll tell you,
Aid the poor whose lives are bleak.
But the poor won't live in condos
At expensive City Creek.

Follow us or you will suffer,
So the Mormons tell us all.
No Celestial glory given
To the heathens who will fall.
But on Sundays, stores will open,
On the Lord's day, every week.
What examples are these Mormons
In their Mall called City Creek.

Word of Wisdom, so important,
Coffee, tea and alcohol
Are considered evil items,
Said to be a huge downfall.
But at City Creek they're selling
All of that, just take a peek,
Word of Wisdom out the window
Everywhere in City Creek.

Grand hypocrisy inflated
What the Mormons daily tout.
God's commandments must be followed
As they preach, and scream, and shout.
But don't point out contradictions
In their teachings, what they speak.
And be sure to never mention
That outrageous City Creek.

© Diane Tingen, 6/14/2011


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Jean said...

Diane; this is awesome; I sang it all the way through. You are a true musician because the words fit perfectly. I didn't feel the need to do any vocal gymnastic to make the words fit in:)

You are one talented woman. Keep them coming; I love YOUR hymns.