Monday, October 10, 2011


The I'm a Mormon Campaign has been amped up here in Colorado.  The above billboard is currently up in Loveland, CO - and the one at the left is in Colorado Springs, CO. 

In addition to billboards, for the past couple of weeks, I have seen several "I'm a Mormon" commercials on television.  The fact that these ads are being played on network television (I've seen them on NBC) during Prime-Time is especially troubling to me since the cost must be quite high.  Tithing monies being put to good use, right?  I don't think so.

And last night, the News on Channel 9 (NBC) here in Denver did a news story about the I'm a Mormon Campaign.  Quite appropriately, they asked the question of whether this campaign is "politically motivated" since Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are both running for President.  I thought it was very funny when a spokesman from the Mormon Church said NO, they are not politically motivated, that in fact the Mormon Church is "politically neutral."  Very funny!!  He said the ads are aimed at "clearing up misconceptions," to help Americans better understand Mormons, and to show that Mormons are normal people just like rest of the Christians out here.  He even went on to say emphatically that Mormonism is not a cult.  Me thinks thou doth protest too much...

According to this news report, there are several states in which these billboards and television commercials are being run.  Lucky Colorado - it's one of them. 

Also, an article in the Denver Post on September 29, 2011 stated as follows:
The "I'm a Mormon" campaign begins next week in Denver; San Antonio and Austin in Texas; Atlanta; Phoenix; Spokane and Seattle-Tacoma in Washington; Omaha and Lincoln-Hastings in Nebraska; and Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and South Bend in Indiana.

The 2011-12 campaign began in New York in June.
Ah, yes... let's not forget about New York and the massive ads that have been running on and near Times Square (see below).

Of course, some of the New York ads are near Broadway where the Book of Mormon musical is currently running.  Presumably, they are trying to "clear up misconceptions" there as well.

The Denver Post article went on to say: 
This is the second year of the "I'm a Mormon" campaign. Last year, it appeared in Colorado Springs; Rochester, N.Y.; Minneapolis; St. Louis; Pittsburgh; Oklahoma City; Baton Rouge, La.; Tucson; and Jacksonville, Fla.

The campaign is a direct result of the church's research in the past few years as to how Americans perceive Mormons, officials said.
Research.  Internet ads.  Billboards.  Television commercials.  So what will be next?

As the Denver Post article points out:
The ads will refer people to the website, where they can find profiles of more than 30,000 Mormons and chat live with representative Mormons.
"Our missionaries are known for knocking on doors to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ," Evans said in a release about the ad campaign.  " gives people the opportunity to knock on our door through the Internet and ask members questions about our faith."

Interesting.  Of course, if you want the truth, don't ask a Mormon since most of them don't really know the real truth about either the history or doctrine of the church and simply spout what they are told to say.

As I stated above, it is obvious that tithing monies are being used to fund the "I'm a Mormon" ad campaign, which has to be costing a tremendous amount of money.  And I have to ask:  Is this a good use of the money?

But then this is the church who is building a mall in downtown Salt Lake City - at a cost of over $6 billion so far.  Enough said.

NOTE:  In direct response to the "I'm a Mormon" ad campaign, Dan Johnson of Alberta, Canada has begun a website called "I Am An Ex-Mormon," and it contains many videos of people who have left the Mormon Church for various reasons.  It is very compelling and definitely worth a "look-see."


Sulli said...

Be prepared to get really sick of the ads... If anyone knows you have connections to the Mormons you will get asked about it. I got really tired of the questions. (I'm in Baton Rouge. They ran the campaign here last year.)

Anonymous said...

I wish the media would also consult with exmormons when they want to know beliefs. Absolutely hate it when mainstream news says, "FLDS has nothing to do with Mormons". Gag.

Diane Tingen said...

Sulli - yes, I'm already sick of them. It just amazes me how much all of this has to be costing!! Do they really think it's okay to spend that kind of money on a PR campaign? Did God okay this?

Anonymous - yes, if someone wants to know what the Mormon Church really believes in (and what its real history is), they need to ask ExMormons because a lot of TBMs don't really know or, if they do, they give a "rose-colored glasses" approach to the whole situation. I hate it when mainstream news says FLDS has nothing to do with Mormons, too - since it's not true. Of course, they get that from the SLC Mormons who are constantly trying to distance themselves from those "crazy fundamentalists." But where did all those ideas come from in the first place? Joseph Smith. So yes, FLDS does have a lot to do with Mormons. Plain and simple.

Ahab said...

If I were Mormon, I'd be furious that the tithing money demanded of me was being used for such a fruvolous purpose. With all of the problems in the world, the LDS church spends its money on propaganda!?

Anonymous said...

You are all idiots... the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did not build a mall in downtown SLC.... the city of Salt Lake did that!!! Why would we need a mall?!

Anonymous said...

The LDS church does not use it's member's tiths to fund public affair campaigns. "Funding for stake and multistake public affairs councils should be provided by the Church units represented by these councils. Funding for specially named regional and national public affairs councils is provided by area public affairs councils, which in turn receive funding from the Public Affairs Department."
See For more information.

Diane Tingen said...

Anonymous... you need to do some actual reading... the City Creek Mall is a joint venture between the Mormon Church and its real estate arm. The City of Salt Lake is NOT involved.

Diane Tingen said...

Anonymous... all operating money for the Mormon Church is either tihing or derivative of tithing. You really should stop relying on what they tell you and do some actual research. Then maybe you'd find the actual truth.