Sunday, July 22, 2012


I've been thinking about how many people get so wrapped up in religion that they accept certain things blindly, without really looking at the background or even searching for the actual truth.  Blind faith is simply not wise.  Accepting religious principles without researching its subject matter is basically giving your own power away and allowing a religious organization to dictate what you believe.  As I've said before, having faith is all fine and good, but when a person ignores the actual facts and evidence, then it's not faith anymore but rather denial.

Sadly, that’s how it was for me within Mormonism.  Being born and raised Mormon, I just went along for many years, accepting what I was told to believe, not really looking at it with a critical eye or doing any independent research, away from the “accepted parameters.”  And even when I did discover something that didn't make sense to me, I tried to accept it anyway.  Denial - deep denial.  That mindset really irritates me now, and I wish I had become more intellectually curious when I was much younger so that I could have found the actual facts while I was in my youth.

I'm so grateful that I finally began doing my own independent research.  Of course, anyone who does that is bound to find the same sort of facts and evidence.  But sadly, some people cling to it anyway, trying to rationalize it all out in their minds.  I did that for quite a while, but in the end, that was no longer an option for me.  The actual truth is what's important to me, and once I knew without any doubt that the Mormon Church is actually a fraud, that was the absolute end.

Entrenched once, but no more... and the biggest reward is living my life authentically.

With that said, here is my 71st LDS Hymn Parody...

Sung to the tune of O Thou Rock of our Salvation, #258

So entrenched in Mormonism,
They refuse to see the lies.

Close the eyes and just believe it,
Blind acceptance is not wise.
What I found when I did research
Made me finally face the truth.
Wish that I had questioned sooner,
Found the facts while in my youth.

Born and raised in Mormonism,
I believed what I was taught.
It took years for me to see it,
In denial I was caught.

What I found when I did research
Made me finally face the truth.
Wish that I had questioned sooner,
Found the facts while in my youth.

Now I know that Mormonism
Was made up by Joseph Smith.
Not an ounce of truth to speak of,
It is nothing but a myth.
When I found when I did research
Made me finally face the truth.
Wish that I had questioned sooner,
Found the facts while in my youth.

So apparent all their tactics,
How they brainwash and persuade.
Make the members scared to research,
What a price they all have paid.
In the end, I hope they see it,

For the truth will set them free.
Just as it has done in my life,
As I live authentically.

Diane Tingen, 7/22/2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here's another LDS Hymn Parody - my 70th so far.  It's hard for me to believe I've written that many, but once I got started I haven't been able to stop.  Writing these LDS Hymn Parodies is very cathartic for me - perhaps because I've always loved music and used to be very involved in music when I was an active Mormon.  Over the years, I held callings as the Ward Organist, Choir Director, Relief Society Music Director and Pianist, Primary Chorister and Pianist, as well as singing solos and duets in Sacrament Meeting and in the Choir. 

I grew up singing LDS hymns, and was obviously indoctrinated in many ways because of that.  With so many LDS hymns still swimming around in my head, it's nice to have new lyrics to sing to them.

So here is my 70th LDS Hymn Parody.  Very self-explanatory, so I won't go into a big description of its contents.  I hope you enjoy reading them (and singing them) as much as I enjoy writing them...

Sung to the tune of How Great the Wisdom and the Love - #195

How great the swindle and the lies
That fill the Mormon Church.
So clear to me when I began
To do my own research.

It’s clear that Joseph made it up,
Just spun a web of lies.
And yet the members go along
Though logic it decries.

The history of the Mormon Church
Is sordid through and through.
And when I finally looked at it,
I knew it wasn’t true.

Why don’t the Mormons question it?
Why do they close their eyes
As blindly they accept it all?
It simply is not wise.

But sadly there are many who
Refuse to look beyond
What they are told to just believe,
Not knowing they’ve been conned.

I hope that more will see the lies,
And realize the truth.
To live their lives authentically
While they are in their youth.

© Diane Tingen, 7/8/2012