POETRY - Mormonism Examined Through Poetry


(1)     Schism, Schism, Mormonism
(2)     The Mormon Way
(3)     Mormonism Seuss-ified
(4)     The Mormon Imperative
(5)     Too Many Isms
(6)     Reconciling Realities
(7)     Behind the Mormon Curtain
(8)     Spin, Spin, Spin the Truth
(9)     No Easy Answers

(10)   Joseph's Way
(11)   Roots of Mormonism
(12)   My AHA! Moments
(13)   Peace Out
(14)   Limerick ala Mormonism



Schism, Schism, Mormonism,
It simply makes no sense.
With all the lies, it's no surprise,
I cannot help but take offense.

Joseph, Joseph, what a shyster,
A charlatan supreme.
It is a fraud, not Word of God,
Obviously a Ponzi scheme.

Mormons, Mormons, in denial,
The facts they won't accept.
Reality is clear to see,
Though in the darkness they a're kept.

Reason, Reason, is not poison,
The truth has set me free.
Reviewed it all, then hit the wall,
It's not what it pretends to be.

© Diane Tingen, June 2010


Blindly following the teachings,
Plodding along, day after day,
Not letting negative thinking
Seep in or get in the way
Of what we tell you to believe,
After all, the Prophet’s always right,
And whatever you’re debating
When he speaks, just shut it tight.

So if you dare to question things,
You must repent, and vow no more
To let your brain and thoughts become
The ones who really know the score.
It would be wrong, just terrible,
To have a slightly different thought
Than all those men in SLC,
In unrighteousness you’d be caught.

In Joseph Smith, you must believe,
And his memory, you must revere,
For though his life was hugely flawed,
He’s our beloved Prophet and Seer.
You have to overlook the truth,
Beyond the trickery and lies,
So you can see him righteously
And your skepticism disguise.

And naturally, you must forget
About those flecks of history,
Because no good would come from what
You’d find if you get too nosey.
Just close your eyes and follow close
On the straight and narrow path,
Don’t think at all, just stuff it down,
Not incurring anybody’s wrath.

So don’t think about polygamy,
I mean, it’s over anyway,
So really, does it even matter
Since it’s not happening today?
The Mormon Church does not condone
The polygamists practicing now,
So let’s pretend it did not occur,
And it will all go away, somehow.

Fanny Alger?  What’s that name you say?
And how do you know about her?
Joseph Smith’s first polygamous wife?
Just who are you trying to slur?
Did you go on one of those websites?
Do you believe what those liars say?
Why can’t you simply believe us?
Why can’t you follow the Mormon Way?

Anti-Mormon propaganda
Has been banned to Mormons everywhere,
And yet you go on the internet
When we told you to always beware
Of what those heathens will tell you
As they exaggerate our flaws,
Bringing up outdated notions,
Truly, they are picking at straws.

Ok, it’s true that Brigham Young
Was not the first polygamist,
But we’ve been trying to hide that fact,
And here you are, trying to twist
Mormon history to make a point,
All those things we’ve tried to conceal,
How much more do you need to know?
Why is all this such a big deal?

All the teenage brides, why speak of them?
It’s something you can’t comprehend,
And our mindless explanations
Would make more sense if you’d pretend
To listen and not ridicule
The reasoning behind our lies,
So what?  he married teenagers,
Just don’t speculate or theorize.

Yes, there was Helen Mar Kimball,
A young girl of only fourteen,
And though you talk of coercion,
By saying that you fully demean
The intentions of the Prophet,
Certainly, a man of God,
Promising her family salvation
If she married him, not a fraud.

But why do you say that’s coercion?
Why must you portray it that way?
Somehow using his position
To take advantage of them, you say.
Yes, he married 10 teenage girls,
A matter of historical fact,
But now that you’ve discovered this,
We are feeling a little attacked.

And then you bring up polyandry,
Even though we’ve tried our very best
To conceal that practice completely,
But you just can’t give it a rest.
Determined to uncover “the truth,”
Like the fact that Joseph Smith married
Women who were married already,
What is this all-consuming need?

OK, so you’ve somehow discovered
That what we’re telling you is wrong?
If you’d only do just what you’re told
Then you wouldn’t be singing this song.
So truly, this is your own fault,
For being curious and all,
But now, you need to shut your mouth
Before anyone else should fall.

Joseph Smith, a religious martyr?
Ok, we know that doesn’t make sense,
But why must you dig up the truth?
And why are you taking offense
At our bending the truth a little
To bolster our position here?
You say he was a criminal,
But why must his name you smear?

And why are you talking of the Blacks
When the priesthood they couldn’t hold?
Saying that Mormons are racist,
What you’re saying is rather cold.
Ok, so Brigham Young did say
Things that sounded rather racist,
But we told you to stop reading
All those things that seem so biased.

Like the Journal of Discourses,
We told you to stop reading those,
So we are extremely perplexed
As to why all these questions you pose.
Polygamy, Blood Atonement,
The Mother of Whores, the Catholic Church,
Masonic rituals in the temple,
All that is unauthorized research.

And what’s this about the First Vision?
Why are you bringing that up again?
Yes, we know there are many versions,
But you need to just say Amen
To whatever it is we’ve told you,
Stop contradicting us like this,
You’re wasting time on trivia,
What you’re saying is simply amiss.

What’s this obsession with the truth?
You’re carrying this all too far,
Just relax and let it all sink in,
It’s really not all that bizarre.
Stop questioning, just follow suit,
There’s lots of peace in ignorance,
Just stick your head in the sand, like us,
Please, less thinking and more compliance.

So truly, you need to go along,
Stop trying to uncover the truth,
Don’t think about all the children,
Help us indoctrinate the youth.
We’ll keep you safe, won’t have to think,
Just follow and do what we say,
And soon you’ll be used to suppression
The good old-fashioned Mormon Way.

© Diane Tingen, July 2010


I do not like the Mormon Church,
And it’s not true, I’ve done research,
The Book of Mormon, it’s no surprise,
Filled with deception, full of lies.
The Word of Wisdom, what a crock,
Invented by a true shylock
Named Joseph Smith, the prophet dear
To Mormons, who his name revere.

For 50 years, I lived the life,
And I was an “eternal wife.”
Yes, temple marriage was my goal,
Trying to comprehend my role,
A woman in a church of men,
Questioning, again and again,
Praying that answers would be clear,
Wanting my doubts to disappear.

For I was simply not convinced
And what I felt could not be rinsed
Or cleansed in any way at all,
The total lies were its downfall
Within my mind and in my heart,
And knowing that, I had to start
Withdrawing from its force and pull,
No matter how hard or painful.

But Mormonism is a scam,
A fraud, a hoax, complete flim-flam,
A scheme to make its leaders rich,
Just thinking of it makes me twitch.
Sometimes I’d want to scream out loud,
“I hate that stupid cult,” and vowed
That I won’t go there, not again,
No matter what, or who, they send.

I’ve left the cult, won’t go no more,
To that whole thing, I’ve closed the door,
And though I know I won’t go back,
My family thinks that I will crack,
Admit my faults, repentance seek,
Since as they say, I’m very weak
Without the Holy Ghost to guide,
And that is why I think they lied.

Yes, I’m misled, so full of shit
That I can’t see the truth of it,
According to the ones who know,
The TBMs can’t let it go.
They have to say that I’m condemned,
A heathen now, and can’t defend
What I have done, have left the fold
And now, I’m way out in the cold.

What they can’t see and can’t accept
I’m happy now, a strange concept.
Not possible, they say to me,
As I delude myself fully.
For only if you stay on track
The Mormon Way, can you go back
To live in heaven with the Lord,
Salvation and your just reward.

But please, if Mormonism’s true,
Then go yourself, I beg of you.
Don’t take me there, I will not go,
I’d rather spend my time below
With others who have left the church,
As Mormonism they besmirch,
For they will be a lot more fun,
And to me, that’s more like heaven.

© Diane Tingen, July 2010


You've heard of the Moral Imperative,
Well, the Mormons have a version of that,
Everything they tell you and what to do,
Some instructions on which to hang your hat.
It's entertaining to hear the babble,
And though I don't buy it all anymore,
At one time, I took it seriously,
But back then, I was a tedious bore.

So without delay and further ado,
I will lay out the whole spiel for you,
What they basically tell new members,
Advising them on all they should do.
Of course, most of this isn't said to them
Until after they've already been baptized,
And I can imagine their reaction,
Though their disdain is probably disguised.

I can envision the new converts,
Fresh from the waters of baptism,
Thinking that they have done the right thing,
Devoting their lives to Mormonism.
The heartfelt speech, as I can imagine,
Very serious, with nothing amiss,
Delivered with strength and authority,
And I'm sure it goes something like this:

The fact that you are a new convert
Must be overwhelming, to say the least,
But rest assured it will be worth it all,
And your blessings will be quickly increased.
The many people who helped to convert you
Will be there to aid you along the way,
As you begin this new phase of your life,
Holding steadfast so you will never stray.

Remember all this is for your own good,
And you'll be reminded constantly
Of everything you will need to do,
And we know that eventually
Suffocation may start to occur
As we begin to take over your life,
But realizing it is necessary
Will help to alleviate the strife.

Regular attendance is critical
At Sunday meetings, 3 hours long,
Where you will be taking the Sacrament
To keep you very focused and strong.
And there are meetings during the week
That you might be required to attend,
Particularly when you are asked
To take a calling that we will extend.

Some people may say we have duped you,
But these foolish notions you must ignore,
We are the only ones who know the truth,
You're very lucky we came to your door.
Now that you're dedicating your life
To the Mormons and their every whim,
Please realize that your time and money
Must be donated willingly to Him.

Of course, you will need to be paying
Your tithing every month to the Lord,
10% of your monthly income,
So immediately get on board.
There is no excuse for non-compliance,
And the amount is non-negotiable,
As is the fact that we will be asking
For even more money from every angle.

And I'll repeat, we need lots of money,
To bring to pass His Glory here on earth,
So many worthy causes to pursue,
And we can't stress enough how much it's worth
To build temples where we baptize the dead,
And perform sacred ordinances,
But we can't talk about any of that,
No questions, no comments, and no breaches.

And that brings up another topic,
Like only believing what we say,
And please, don't pay any attention
To "Anti" type writings, in any way.
Of course, we know that stuff is out there,
But don't read it, we are warning you,
It will fill your brain with lots of doubts,
And we are here to always protect you.

Obviously, we need lots of money
To support the missionary effort,
So we can send all worthy young men
Into the world to hopefully convert
Countless people as we indoctrinate
Anyone who will listen to the word,
As we convince them to be baptized
Although we don't want them to feel pressured.

It's important that we send our young men
Out into the world to spread the gospel,
For ours is the one and only true church,
And we are engaged in a great battle,
Righteousness vs. evil in the world,
And ours is the only possible course
To eternal salvation with the Lord,
And so the commandments we must enforce.

The people who converted early on,
Who heard the truth from missionaries then,
We owe a debt to all the early Saints,
And so, with lots of emphasis again
I tell you that this is the Latter Days,
And though you can't comprehend everything,
One day, we will understand it all,
And just think of the comfort that will bring.

Follow the Prophet and do what he says,
Your eternal salvation is at stake,
Strict adherence is imperative,
And not obeying would be a mistake.
The Celestial Kingdom is waiting
For good Mormons living everywhere,
But you must keep all the commandments,
Disobedience we cannot bear.

Of course, you must accept everything
And everyone we send to your house,
Like Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers
Without a single complaint or grouse.
We are sending these people to help you
In any way that they may see fit,
It may seem like we're keeping tabs on you,
But you'll need to just grin and bear it.

And of course, you know you can't smoke or drink,
Those are well-known commandments to all,
Alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine,
You will need to stay away from them all.
We know you've studied the Word of Wisdom,
And though it says no hot drinks, we include
Coffee and tea, and since they have caffeine,
Then all Cola drinks we also exclude.

So rest assured that you've done the right thing,
Joining our forces with Mormons everywhere,
And if you submit your life to the Lord,
Your reward in heaven will surely be there.
And so we end this orientation,
With these words for you to take to heart,
Don't question us and follow the Prophet,
And we want your money right from the start.

Oh yes, I can envision it clearly,
The converts sitting there, in a daze,
Asking themselves, "What the hell have I done?"
Starting to think of various ways
They can extricate themselves quickly
From the labyrinth into which they have gone,
As this boring Mormon Priesthood Leader
Rambles endlessly, going on and on...

Obviously, they were not informed
Of the way in which the Mormon Church
Invades your life and tries to take control,
Telling themselves they should have done research.
So many former Mormons will tell you,
That this religious cult you can't appease,
And that their apparent objective is
Turning people into mindless zombies.

So when you see two missionaries
In white shirts, knocking on your front door,
Hide yourself as quickly as you can,
Because truly, you don't want to hear more.
Leave it alone before you’re absorbed
Into the Mormonism Machine,
Lodged between a rock and a hard place,
Quite a conundrum to be caught between.

And so to my family members and friends
Who remain entrenched in Mormonism,
I really wish you could see the truth,
That you’ve been absorbed into the system.
But since I know you never admit
That Mormonism is clearly a scam,
Can we please agree to disagree,
And simply accept me for who I am.

© Diane Tingen, July 2010



Everywhere you turn, there are isms,
And it’s causing enormous schisms
To develop in more than one heart.
If it isn’t one, it’s another,
And so, it’s really no wonder
That so much can drive us apart.

Some isms are good and some are bad,
And I’ve learned from experiences I’ve had,
That nothing in life is cut and dried.
From the good of optimism
To the bad of pessimism,
It can be difficult to abide.

All the way from feminism
To obvious chauvinism,
Maneuvering it can be very hard.
But then, it’s in extremism
And blatant fanaticism
That many times, we end up scarred.

One of the very worst isms
Is the mindset of racism,
An appalling biased attitude.
Judging people by their color
With the prejudice they harbor
Is thinking that’s completely skewed.

There is also Nazism,
The very height of fascism,
Predating the second World War.
Promoting white supremacy,
And it is very easy to see
That hating is at their very core.

Now we turn to Nationalism,
And another, Patriotism,
Both of which are good if treated right.
But there’s also Capitalism,
And conversely, Communism,
Controversy, and many a fight.

And of course, religion comes to mind
Because in those we often find
Fanaticism to the nth degree.
Telling people how they should live,
Refusing to possibly give
Anyone a break who doesn’t agree.

Speaking of which, there’s Mormonism,
Filled with so much fanaticism
That they simply won’t even budge.
It’s sad when you think about it
That the people who dare to doubt it
Are called apostates by those who judge.

But voicing an opposing opinion
Is considered to be high treason,
Not allowed to freely speak your mind.
Stuffing down any lingering doubt,
Swallowing everything they dish out…
And it’s best if you’re deaf, mute and blind.

Now that Prop. 8 has been overturned,
It’s great that the world has finally learned
Fanaticism as its very worst.
Of all the isms in the world,
What Mormonism has hurled
Will hopefully be somehow reversed.

This is truly the age of isms,
And what we lack in witticisms,
We make up for in sheer volume.
From the left of liberalism
To the right of conservatism,
Purveyors of doom and gloom.

But whether we agree or not,
We must all try not to get caught
In the middle of all the isms.
Trying not to be suffocated,
Exploited, smothered or baited,
And avoid being one of the victims.

© Diane Tingen, August 2010


When I think of my years as a Mormon,
It infuriates me to no end
That I didn’t get away sooner,
And the amount of time I would spend
Asking myself why I went to church
Even though I knew deep down inside
That the teachings are ridiculous,
Including what they cover up and hide.

I mean, those little flecks of history
That we’re all supposed to ignore,
Like racist attitudes against the Blacks,
Just forget about that, they implore.
But truly, I’m just not that stupid,
Although I was a brainwashed Mormon clone
For many years, a big chunk of time,
And sadly, I know I’m not alone.

There’s a big Ex-Mormon community
Trying to analyze and make some sense
Out of why people can’t see the truth,
Very tired of sitting on the fence,
Pretending that it doesn’t bother us,
Like I tended to do for many years,
As I sorted through all the garbage,
And examined all my doubts and fears.

Too many issues were piling up,
And no good answers were to be had,
Realizing I’d been royally duped
Made me extremely confused and mad.
Wasting my life on a religion
That is filled with deception and lies
Made me resentful beyond belief,
And the Mormon Church thoroughly despise.

Not only that, but I felt stupid
For staying in the church for so long,
Wishing I had followed my instincts
Having been less compliant and more strong.
But though I feel like kicking myself
For giving up my free agency,
At least I have finally reclaimed it,
And am now living my life for me.

No longer feeling suffocated
By being told what I needed to do
While being controlled by Mormonism,
So glad that I finally broke through
To find my own identity again,
My individuality restored,
Living my life fully on my own terms,
Authenticity a huge reward.

© Diane Tingen, August 2010


From behind the Mormon Curtain,
Peering out, they survey the scene,
Acting all high and mighty,
Self-righteous as if to demean
Everyone who doesn’t agree
With what they say is right and wrong,
Judging, then categorizing
Into groups where the masses belong.

Feeling very superior
As they make judgments randomly,
Based on the set criteria
Outlined clearly and “doctrinally.”
Allowing for no deviation
From the straight and narrow path,
Watching as they closely monitor
The apostates incurring God’s wrath.

Detecting through observation,
Constant surveillance and scrutiny,
The wayward souls, the non-believers
Who they’ll chastise eventually.
As they wait for the next slip-up,
Obviously anticipating
Someone’s inevitable downfall,
Very visibly salivating.

And so they claim to be Christian,
Though their actions are far from that,
Passing judgment on all around them,
Harmful gossip and chit-chat.
Perhaps they should follow the scriptures
In which they profess to believe,
Saying, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,”
But of that, they cannot conceive.

And the saying to live and let live,
Another concept foreign to them,
Attempting to strip free agency
From those they adjudge and condemn.
So glad I have finally unveiled
The faces of those who lie in wait,
Lurking behind the Mormon Curtain,
Finally in control of my own fate.

© Diane E. Tingen, Sept. 2010

(sung to the tune, “Row, Row, Row your Boat”)

Spin, spin, spin the truth,

Every way you can,
Verily, verily, verily, verily,
Like it all began.

Hide, hide, hide it all,

They can’t know the truth,
History, history, history, history,
Cover up the proof.

Mold, mold, mold the youth,

Clones they must become,
Obeying, obeying, obeying, obeying,
Til they all succumb.

Preach, preach, preach the word,

We must reach them all.
Testify, testify, testify, testify,
Peter, James and Paul.

Pray, pray, pray it out,

That’s your best defense.
Meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate,
Soon it will make sense.

Read, read, read the books,

Those we say you can,
Researching, researching, researching, researching,
Something that we ban.

Pay, pay, pay the cash,

Tithing is a must,
Willingly, willingly, willingly, willing,
Mormon’s divine trust.

Don’t, don’t, don’t you dare

Turn away from us.
Apostate, apostate, apostate, apostate,
Why make all this fuss?

Joe, Joe, Joseph Smith,

A true man of God?
Translating, translating, translating, translating,
No, it is a fraud.

Why, why, why the lies

Told so callously?
Deception, deception, deception, deception,
Very clear to see.

No, no, no I say,

You’re not welcome here,
Go away, go away, go away, go away,
Can I be more clear?

Think, think, think again,

Going to explode.
Reasoning, reasoning, reasoning, reasoning,
I’m on overload.

Please, please, please no more,

This is crazy stuff.
Overload, overload, overload, overload,
I have had enough.

© Diane E. Tingen, Sept. 2010



Asking myself does God really exist,
Or maybe it’s just a very strange twist
That finds us living on earth asking why
As we curiously stare at the sky,
Wanting there to be a higher power,
Who knows our thoughts, and our prayers will answer,
But really, it’s still just a mystery,
Although I know there’s those who don’t agree.

Some people cling to the thought of a God,
But many times, their thinking is flawed
As on faith, they profess to accept
The Christian myth and instinctively expect
Him to guide and bless them every day
As they blindly continue on their way,

Accepting that whatever should happen,
It was "God's will," of that they are certain.

When I was younger, I believed in God,
But now I think he's just a facade
For religion, organized to be
Big business, a money-making tree.
Insisting that money should be given
By every sinner, lifting their burden,
In essence, "buy your way into heaven,"
So you can be called a true Christian.

Being born and raised Mormon my whole life,
Even becoming a Celestial wife,
Being told everything that I should do,
To look at life with an eternal view.
But realizing, finally, very clear,
That I was obeying out of fear,

Controlling me, based on lies and guilt,
Reaching overload, finally hitting TILT!!

And even though I stopped being Mormon,
I still thought of myself as a Christian,
Wanting to believe that Jesus was real,
As from Mormonism I tried to heal.
Recognizing even more as time went on,
The depth of the fraud into which I'd been drawn,

Feeling betrayed and progressively bitter,
Desperately trying to resolve the anger.

I was duped, no other way to put it,
Not an easy thing to finally admit.

No sugar-coating will ever change that fact
Or make me feel less personally attacked.
There is no way to justify their actions,
For hiding history and teaching false doctrines.

There's no way to simply skirt reality,
And no way but out was possible for me.

And now, I feel the need to pay forward,
To help others to see how it's absurd

What the Mormon Church feeds to its members,
Nothing but lies, no legitimate answers.
But the odds are against people leaving,
So tightly wound is the web they are weaving,
So much in their daily lives integrated
That their judgment is completely clouded.

More than anything, I find it frustrating
That people believe without really asking
Any real questions, believing what they're told,
Buying the false bill of goods they've been sold.

But regardless of that, I'm glad to be out,
Freed from the burden of unsettling doubt.
No longer included, against all odds,
In those the Mormon Church knowingly defrauds.

© Diane Tingen, Nov. 2010


In the house, and on the hay,
Getting Fanny made his day,
Revelation, so he’d say,
Morals never in his way.

Teenage girls, a true gourmet,
As he assembled an array
Of married women, no delay,
Endless courting and foreplay.

His first dear wife he did betray
As Emma filled with sad dismay
Watching him in his heyday,
Wanton, sordid and risqué.

With the doctrine he would play,
Made-up scriptures, his forte,
As a “Prophet,” he’d portray
And the “Saints” would all obey.

His main objective was cachet,
As he has led the “Saints” astray,
This horrible, depraved hombre,
And his bad deeds we now convey.

Though his faults the “Saints” downplay,
Reading scriptures as they pray,
Caught up in the deceitful fray,
Believing what their leaders say.

But we all know it’s not okay
For TSCC to feast and prey
On those naïve with their foray,
Who pros and cons don’t ever weigh.

But hopefully, somehow, someday,
The TBMs won’t simply stay
On the straight and narrow way,
Waiting for the judgment day
When Joseph, as I would daresay,
Will be revealed – a great melee.

Yes, somehow, someday, someway,
He will get his, I hope and pray.

© Diane Tingen, Dec. 2010


Con artist, shyster, manipulator,
Charlatan, swindler, compulsive liar.
Making things up, deceiving the masses,
Creating doctrine through many ruses.
Proclaiming to be a Prophet of God,
But in reality, an enormous fraud.
Pretending to translate ancient language,
But plagiarizing nearly every passage.

And what Joseph didn’t plagiarize,
He just made up, there is no disguise
For what he did, very clear to see
If you look at it all objectively.
Without the Mormon rose-colored glasses
That shade everything, making the dogmas
Seem logical when they make no sense,
Gobbledygook for which there’s no defense.

Marrying women already married
To living husbands, not ones they buried
Or even divorced, just adultery,
Not adhering to any moral boundary.
Coercing teenage girls into marriage,
Using them, clearly taking advantage
Of their innocence and need to believe,
Knowing they were pliable and naïve.

Carrying many things to the extreme
As part of his diabolical scheme
To dupe the people who listened to him,
Not afraid to go way out on a limb
And profess to translate some golden plates
Into the Book of Mormon, which relates
To the Lamanites, they boldly insist,
But DNA shows they didn’t exist.

And the list goes on, his plan was complete,
With scriptural references replete.
Inventing the Doctrine & Covenants,
Revelations from God, spiritual moments,
Captured on paper for all to absorb,
Modern day communication with the Lord.
And so many bought it, right down the line,
Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer divine.

Being born and raised in Mormonism,
I used to believe, but now a schism
Has formed in my mind and I’ve seen the light,
So obvious this simply isn’t right.
On so many levels, it’s just a scam,
A gigantic hoax, swindle and flimflam.
Created by a crook named Joseph Smith
With others perpetuating the myth.

One day, I pray the truth will be clear
To Mormons who to the fraud adhere,
Believing in a religion that’s bogus,
Relying on the Mormon compass
To guide their every move and every thought,
Not even realizing they are caught
In a web of lies where deceptions abound,
Wanting them to feel the peace I have found.

As the scriptures say, the truth shall make you free,
And that’s what I hope for them eventually.

© Diane Tingen, 2/1/2011


Mormonism in the spotlight,
Researching its sordid history,
Arriving at my own conclusions,
Beyond conjecture and mystery.
Examining its gospel doctrine,
Its tenets and peculiar views,
Realizing that it's all nonsense
As I analyze so many clues.

I've had so many AHA! moments,
Ones that literally made me say WOW!!
Feeling like I've been hit on the head,
Befuddled beyond belief - and how!!
Kicking myself for believing it,
For buying into it for so long,
Not questioning it for 50 years,
Until seeing it's completely wrong. '

And so the fog is finally lifting
As clarity envelopes my mind,
Seeing without a shadow of doubt
That I was duped, to deception blind.
I believed all of what they told me,
But now that I see it's filled with lies,
I'm baffled as to why I bought it,
And that confusion I can't disguise.

Bewilderment still overcomes me,
And truly, I become mystified,
When they call me an Anti-Mormon,
And my motives they begin to chide.
But I am not an Anti-Mormon,
It is not the people I deride.
My issues are with Mormonism,
An obvious scam I can't abide.

But it doesn't matter what I'm called,
The real truth is so obvious now,
And they might have the same conclusion
If they would open their eyes somehow.
And if they would simply Google it,
They might realize it was a fraud
Right from the get-go, the beginning...
No, Mormonism is NOT from God.

© Diane Tingen, 6/12/2011


It amazes me when I look back
That I didn’t have a heart attack
From always trying to just conform
To the randomness of Mormondom.

Finally seeing that it makes no sense
Made me face the fact it’s just pretense.
Deceptive doctrines, a stack of lies,
Sordid history they can't disguise.
Mormonism is a dead-end street
Lined with numerous lies and deceit.

You can’t do this, and you can’t do that,
Compliance is clearly where’s it at.
Obedience, no deviation,
Follow every instruction given.
That mindset would have been my demise,
Since no middle ground or compromise
Is acceptable within the lines
Of Mormonism as it entwines
Its web of lies into families,
Blurring its limits and boundaries.

And now, I’m happy just being me,
Not what they expected me to be.
An ExMormon to my very core,
No longer the sheep I was before.
Not content to be lead around,
Astounded by all the lies I found
Laced in Mormonism, through and through,
Very glad I finally got a clue.
Life is too short to be miserable,
And being free is phenomenal.

But I know what the Mormons will say,
That I've thrown eternal life away,
Separated from my family
Is how I'll spend all eternity.
Condescending, as they chastise me,
Saying that happy I cannot be.
Wickedness never was happiness,
And my sins I will have to confess,
My true happiness is a concept
That they simply refuse to accept.

So "Peace Out" has new meaning for me,
And I can say undeniably
That being free to be who I am
And not just following the program
Is a priceless gift, its own reward,
So many options to be explored.
No longer plagued by suffocation,
Or feeling like there's a huge burden
Looming over me, about to fall,
As I bang my head against a wall.

Yes, I’ve taken the apostate route,
And though the Mormons may scream and shout
About the straight and narrow way to God,
I know that Mormonism is a fraud
Invented to exercise control,
A fake religion without a soul.
The truth is out there to be found,
So glad I got out before I drowned.
I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
Truly happy now, and so... PEACE OUT!!!

© Diane Tingen, 7/28/2011


There once was a prophet named Joe,
Who had an enormous ego,
He made up a church,
But if you research,
The flaws in it will start to show.

A ladies’ man was Brother Joe,
And he did not like hearing No.
Professing God’s will,
His needs he’d fulfill.
His tactics were sordid and low.

A sexual predator loose
As women and girls he’d seduce.
His wandering eye
He’d try to deny,
But simply, there was no excuse.

With sex as his ultimate aim,
Polygamy became his game.
Though Emma refused,
And was not amused,
Soon 33 wives he would claim.

And now Mormonism proclaims
Through media and its campaigns
That it is mainstream,
A marketing scheme,
So clear to a person with brains.

And so with their current slogan,
The billboards say “I’m a Mormon.”
Commercials to see
Each night on TV,
As Pandora’s Box they open.

With history shaded with lies,
And doctrine it hides and denies,
It doesn’t make sense
To mount a defense
When obvious truth they disguise.

And then there's the City Creek Mall,
Now open for business to all.
No homes for the poor,
But shopping galore?
What happened to the proud will fall?

But profits gigantic they seek,
From this brand new mall, City Creek.
With condos high-end,
The money they spend
Will add to the Mormon Mystique.

Professing that they are Christian
Takes more than a passing mention
Of Jesus’ name,
It's not what they claim
The truth is behind the curtain.

© Diane Tingen, 04/06/2012