Thursday, March 8, 2012


I LOVE GOOGLE!!!  And the Internet in general.  The accessibility of information is phenomenal.  Being able to share my thoughts is amazing... and then discovering that people are actually reading my writings is absolutely incredible.  Sometimes I have felt like I'm writing this stuff into a black hole, wondering who (if anyone) is really reading it... but then something like what happened last week occurs, and I know that it is all worthwhile...

Last week, I got an email from a woman who had found my blog by using Google and the search term "temple wedding."  She is a non-Mormon but has a daughter who got baptized into the Mormon Church when she was 16, during a very rough period of her life.  She was basically "love-bombed" (a cult term) by Mormon people who knew her and her situation.  Her daughter is now 20 and is dating a Mormon man who wants her to marry him, and from how her mother describes him, he is definitely less-than-desirable on many levels (and not just the fact that he is Mormon).

Of course, my heart goes out to this woman and her daughter.  It is always difficult for a parent to watch his/her children make what they are very sure are mistakes, particularly when the child is convinced that their parent(s) are wrong.  During our email exchange, this woman asked me about my journey away from Mormonism, why I left, and several questions about its practices and policies.  I'm trying to offer support even though, obviously, there is nothing I can do other than that.

But the upside of this is that she found my blog, has read parts of it, and actually emailed me.  It gives me hope that others looking for answers about Mormonism and support in dealings with the Mormon Church and its members will also find my blog.  And that would be wonderful...

Obviously, though, there are some bad aspects to the Internet.  I hear and read stories all the time about young girls getting hoowinked by some older guy pretending to be something he is not.  Yes, anyone can say they are anything on the Internet - which reminds me this cartoon:

But overall, the Internet (and Google) has revolutionized the way we obtain information.  Whereas years ago, people had to go to great lengths to do research, today it is just a click away.  And that is remarkable.

And as far as information about Mormonism goes, just remember...

Monday, March 5, 2012


Here's my 62nd LDS Hymn Parody... trying to decide what my new goal should be... 75???  100???  Gonna have to give that some thought...
Since this LDS Hymn Parody is very self-explanatory, I won't go into a lot of detail but to say (again) that the Mormon Church is completely based on lies, and was created by a charlatan con-artist flim-flam man.  But sadly, that fact is just the tip of the iceberg...

Joseph Smith was just a con,
And the list goes on and on
Of the many ways he lied,
Things I cannot take in stride.
Brigham Young, a liar, too,
Reading what his mouth would spew
Makes me sick on no small scale,
History tells quite a tale.
But the Mormons just believe
What they’re told, they’re so naïve.
Just accepting all the lies
Based on faith is just not wise.
How I wish they’d just research
History of the Mormon Church.
Study independently
Maybe lies they then would see.
I’m so happy that I left
Mormonism, so bereft
Of the honesty implied,
For the lies, I can’t abide.
© Diane Tingen, 03/05/2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Recently, I was looking at - and came across the following comments made by various Mormons about their Prophet:
Brett Jones said, "The current Prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Thomas S. Monson. He has been called of God to fill this sacred calling as the Lords mouth piece and serves faithfully and diligently to serve all of Gods children, just as God would have him do."
Mark said, "God through out the ages has spoken to His children through living prophets. We have a prophet today, named Thomas S. Monson. He is a prophet just like Moses, Abraham or Peter."
Dylan said, "God calls a prophet in every dispinsation, they lead and guide and speak of god. They recieve revelation through god to teach and run the church. They are the same and have the same athority the the prophets do in the Bible and Book of Mormon. The prophet today is Thomas S.Monson and he has two counselors to help him. Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F.Uctdorf And their are 12 men or Apostles as well."
...and many, many more.  Of course, one of the most famous quotes about the Mormon Prophet is, "When the Prophet speaks, the debate is over."  Obviously this quote is designed to not only shut people up, but to squelch their desire to research and question anything that goes on in the Mormon Church.  A sad commentary...

Of course, when I was devout Mormon, I "just believed" that what the Prophet said was actually from God.  But now that I've come to the realization that the Mormon Church is laced with many lies, I have changed my opinion in that regard. 

And actually, since doing the research that made me come to the conclusion that I had been duped my entire life, I have also realized that the reason the Mormon Church puts so much emphasis on what the "current Prophet" says is that they don't want people relying (or even reading) what previous Prophet have said.  I mean, look at the Journal of Discourses.  That volume of books has some very scary quotes from previous Prophets - and the Mormon Church wants to downplay all that as much as possible.  

My newest LDS Hymn Parody (below) speaks not only about what the Prophet says but also what the Mormon Machine is up to these days.  The billboards and TV commercials are an example of their frantic campaign to try to bolster their numbers in response to the fact that they are losing members right and left due to people beginning to see the lies laced throughout Mormonism and the way in which the Mormon Church plays so fast and loose with the truth.  And we can thank the Internet for that -- YAY, GOOGLE!!!

And so, here is my latest LDS Hymn Parody (#61... and counting!!)...

Sung to the tune of The Day Dawn is Breaking, #52
The Prophet is speaking, and his words are reeking
Of obvious lies from the Mormon machine.
It’s clear from my research that it’s not the true church,
Without any doubt, the deception is seen.
It’s not the truth, it’s filled with lies,
The cover-up is no surprise.
Although they say to just believe,
It’s very clear the lies they weave.
They tell all the members to be their defenders,
To stand up for truth and to just turn away
From evil apostates and anyone who states
That the Mormon Church honesty does betray.
It’s not the truth, it’s filled with lies,
The cover-up is no surprise.
Although they say to just believe,
It’s very clear the lies they weave.
I see all the billboards and so many discords
Begin to sound off as my brain starts to ache.
The money they’re spending seems to be unending
As tithing they’re using, the poor they forsake.
It’s not the truth, it’s filled with lies,
The cover-up is no surprise.
Although they say to just believe,
It’s very clear the lies they weave.
And so Mormonism has met a big schism,
As people are Googling and seeing the lies.
With TV commercials on so many channels,
They’re seeking new members but cannot disguise…
It’s not the truth, it’s filled with lies,
The cover-up is no surprise.
Although they say to just believe,
It’s very clear the lies they weave.
© Diane Tingen, 03/01/2012