Sunday, September 13, 2015

MORMON CURTAIN - Song Parody (Another Rolling Stones Classic)

Apparently, the Mormon Curtain can also
be a shower curtain, available for
purchase for $70.00 via this website.
The first time I thought of the lies within Mormonism as being unveiled "behind the Mormon Curtain" was when I found the website by that name.  The masthead on that website says: "Containing 5,703 Articles Spanning 329 Topics.  Ex-Mormon News, Stories and Recovery Online Since January 1, 2005."

It goes on to say:  "The Mormon Curtain is an
Ex-Mormon Blog containing Articles collected from News, Blogs, Ex-Mormon Communities and Forums - providing the very best posts and articles therein.  This is to aid Ex-Mormons who are on the road to recovery, Mormons who are looking for more information on their own religion, and non-Mormons who may be studying the Mormon Church on purpose of possible baptism."

When I first began researching my way out of Mormonism after going on a Mormon Church History Tour in the Summer of 2001, the Mormon Curtain website was a gold mine for me since it presented answers to so many questions that I had put on my shelf over the years as I attempted to rationalize away all that bothered me about my life-long religion.

In other terms, though, the Mormon Curtain is the façade that attempts to cover-up the lies that are laced throughout Mormonism.  It also tries to hide the fact that Joseph Smith made the whole thing up from the get-go and that numerous others have perpetuated the lies since his death.  So many lies are hiding behind the Mormon Curtain.  So much deceit. I'm so glad that I began my journey toward finding those lies and in time was able to come to terms with the fact that the Mormon Church is a total and complete fraud.

So here is my latest song parody highlighting the Mormon Curtain to the tune of Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones.  In actuality, I can also say that the Mormon Church is no longer my Beast of Burden either.

And about those shower curtains... just Google "Mormon Shower Curtain" and an interesting array of shower curtains for sale come up.  Personally, I don't think I'd want a Mormon Shower Curtain, though...


I looked behind the Mormon Curtain,
I read for hours, my mind was hurtin’,
What I found was just a huge stack of lies.
The truth discerned behind the curtain,
Distorted facts and bogus doctrine,
It’s just a fraud that they cannot disguise.

Am I smart enough?
Am I bright enough?
Am I wise enough?
I’m not too blind to see.

I looked behind the Mormon Curtain,
Made up doctrine, completely fiction,
Lies are there for all to see,
It’s just a fraud, so clear to me.

Am I smart enough?
Am I bright enough?
Am I wise enough?
I’m not too blind to see.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty lies,
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty lies,
Pretty, pretty, such a pretty, pretty, pretty lies,
Come on really? Please, please, please…

I'll tell you
You can tell me all kinds of lies,
Distort the facts you try to disguise,
But why can’t you, why can’t you,
Why can’t you drop the charade?

All deception,
I can stake it out,
Throw it all at me,
I can shrug it off.
There's one thing really
I don't understand
You keep on telling me
About the Mormon plan.

Cause I’m smart enough,
Cause I’m bright enough,
Cause I’m wise enough, in touch enough,
It’s so clear to me.

Just look behind the Mormon Curtain,
Just look behind the Mormon Curtain.

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