Friday, September 25, 2015


Today is the fifth year anniversary of my blog, Mormonism Schism.  As the below snip from my blog shows, in that time it has had 131,055 pageviews.  So 131,055 times, someone has looked at my blog and read what I have posted.  That means a lot to me, particularly because it means my opinions are out there in cyber world, posted for people who may be investigating the Mormon Church - and also for people who are members of the church who may be questioning certain things.

I know some of those views have been TBMs who have found my blog because I have gotten comments from some of them, telling me that I have been misled and am posting false information (usually done anonymously so I can't contact them to respond).  Others have said that all I say is that the Mormon Church is filled with LIES, LIES and more LIES, without providing any substantiation for that assertion. Obviously, if they would actually read my blog posts, that would find plenty of facts, evidence, and the substantiation they say is lacking.

I have even gotten emails from some TBMs.  One in particular was an 18 year old boy who asked me to take down my blog and should just leave the Mormon Church alone (a common request).  We ended exchanging many emails, debating back and forth.  He was getting ready to go on a mission for the Mormon Church, though, and had been fully programmed (brainwashed) so my efforts turned out to be futile.  But regardless of what TBMs may think at the time they start to find this type of information, and whether or not they dismiss it at the time, I'm hoping that at least a seed has been planted that may sprout and grow later on.

Actually, I have been away from the Mormon Church for 10 years now.  In the beginning, although I knew in my heart that it is a fraud, I was still reticent to share my opinions. But with time, not only did I begin to feel very comfortable with my Ex-Mormon state, but I also began to realize that unless people speak out about what they've discovered regarding the fraudulent nature of Mormonism then what they have gone through does no one else any good.  Finding my own voice and using it has been an incredible experience because it has not only given me a platform but has also strengthened my resolve to spread the word.  So starting this blog was really a signal that all bets were off and I was prepared to stand my ground.

So here's to another 5 years of spreading the word and standing my ground - and many more after that...