Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LIES - ExMormon Song Parody

Another song parody about the MORMON LIES.

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but because the lies are so blatant and yet ignored by so many TBMs (True Believing Mormons), I find it extremely frustrating. So many active Mormons are obviously intelligent people, and yet they seem to completely disconnect with reality when it comes to Mormonism, suspending any type of critical thinking and sticking their heads in the sand instead.  Why is that?

Why is the evidence against Mormonism being true overlooked by so many TBMs?

Why do TBMs choose to "just believe" when it is so obvious that Mormonism is filled with bogus doctrines and deceptive teachings?

Why do TBMs turn a blind eye to the sordid history?  In that vein, why do TBMs think it's okay that Joseph Smith married 33 women [10 of whom were teenage girls (one as young as 14) and 11 of whom were already married to living husbands]?  He even went against the parameters set forth in D&C 132 in practicing polygamy/polyandry, and yet TBMs seem to think that's just fine.  After all, according to them, he was a Prophet of God and was following instructions, right?  And after all, along with being Prophet of God, he was also a man with many imperfections.  The whole Rough Stone Rolling rationalization.

Why do TBMs ignore the anachronisms contained in the Book of Mormon, like horses, elephants, wheat, barley, steel, silk, etc. which scientists say didn't exist in the Americas during BOM times?  

Why do TBMs pass off the other problems associated with the Book of Mormon, such as the fact that no archaeological, linguistic, DNA or any other evidence of Hebrew culture in the Americas has ever been found to support the BOM?  

Why do TBMs choose to disregard the obvious plagiarism contained with the BOM?  Even aside from the fact that the BOM quotes 21 complete chapters of Isaiah and parts of others, there is also the strong possibility that the BOM was plagiarized from a book entitled "View of the Hebrews" (written by Ethan Smith) and/or based on a manuscript written by Solomon Spalding.

Why do TBMs continue to believe that it is "the most correct book ever published" when there have been 3,913 corrections made to it since the publication of the first edition of the BOM? 

Why do TBMs neglect to realize the importance of the fact that the papyrus from which the Book of Abraham was supposedly translated by Joseph Smith have been examined by both LDS and non-LDS Egyptologists, and both groups have clearly indicated that the scrolls are funeral texts that have nothing to do with Abraham or anything mentioned in LDS scriptures?

Of course, the list goes on and on and on...

The bottom line is that TBMs seem to adopt the attitude that whatever the Mormon Church tells them should not be questioned but just blindly accepted - and even the fact that it makes no sense doesn't deter them from their illogical positions.

All anyone needs to do is turn to Google for a plethora of information about all of the problems outlined above.  But the fact that the Mormon Church strongly discourages its members from researching outside the "approved parameters" keeps a lot of the members from finding information that supports the evidence against Mormonism.  Of course, the Mormon Church very cleverly labels all negative information about Mormonism as "Anti-Mormon propaganda," thereby muddying the waters sufficiently that TBMs hang their hats on anything negative being made-up and salacious.


Having faith is all fine and good, but when there is a mountain of evidence against something being true and a person believes it anyway, then it is not faith anymore but rather DENIAL.

And so here is my latest song parody, dedicated to MORMON LIES.

Sung to the tune of Lies by the Thompson Twins

They told me it’s truthful,
So I don’t understand
Why evidence is overlooked
Within the Mormon brand.
Deceitful, dishonest,
The lies go on and on,
Deception from the Mormon Church,
It’s really just a con.

Lies lies lies, yeah
Lies lies lies, yeah
Lies lies lies, yeah
Lies lies lies, yeah

Do I have to shout it out
To make you see the fraud?
Well, Mormonism is a swindle,
Not the Word of God.
Bogus and phony,
A scam you can’t disguise,
False pretense, a masquerade,
Can’t hide the blatant lies.

Lies lies lies, yeah
Lies lies lies, yeah
Lies lies lies, yeah
Lies lies lies, yeah

They say just believe it,
But it really is too late.
It’s so obvious from my research
That the lies they can’t abate.
Deceitful, dishonest,
No matter how they’re drawn.
Don’t be deceived by the façade,
The lies on and on and on and on and on and…

Lies lies lies, yeah (in Mormonism)
Lies lies lies, yeah (create a schism)
Lies lies lies, yeah (in Mormonism)
Lies lies lies, yeah (I am not that dumb)


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