Friday, July 1, 2011


JUST BELIEVE.  Ah yes, that's what Mormons do, with almost a child-like naiveté.  They don't seem to care what evidence there is against their beliefs being true - they "just believe" anyway.

The tendency to "just believe" no matter what seems to be embedded in Mormons everywhere, and is (very cleverly) highlighted in a song entitled I Believe from the Book of Mormon Musical.  One of my favorite parts of that song is, "I am a Mormon, and dang it, a Mormon just believes."  IMO, that sums up the Mormon mindset, very succintly.

Another part of that song says, "Now I must be completely devout, I can't have even one shred of doubt."  Of course, that statement is true of Mormons as well - and I think that's one of the major causes of their rigidness.  If they have "even one shred of doubt," they seem to become even more immovable and inflexible, as though they are convinced that if they voice their concerns and doubts, then they will be struck down.  Personally, I think it's very important to be able to voice your concerns and doubts, and have someone reason through your questions with you.  My father, on the other hand, was a very dogmatic, pious Mormon who "just believed."  And when I would voice my concerns and doubts to him, he would tell me "not to feel that way" and to "just believe."  That seemed to be his reply for many things, and those types of responses were always very frustrating for me.

So the below hymn parody is my take on the Mormon tendency to simply "just believe," and I think it is very apropos set to the tune of Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel...

Sung to the tune of Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel, #252
The church is full of mindless sheep,
Who seem to be naïve.
They simply do as they are told,
And the Mormons just believe.
Yes, the Mormons just believe, it is true.
They are told the things to say and to do.
They all conform, it is the norm,
And the Mormons just believe.
The world outside may pressure them,
As they try to deceive.
But faithfully, they look away,
Yes, the Mormons just believe.
And the Mormons just believe all the lies,
As they close their minds to truth in disguise.
It is a crock, that’s not a shock,
But the Mormons just believe.
With heart and soul, they follow close
All counsel they receive.
They’re told to jump, they ask how high,
Yes, the Mormons just believe.
And the Mormons just believe what they’re told,
Though it’s obvious the lies they are sold.
No matter what, their mouths are shut,
For the Mormons just believe.
The web of lies is very clear,
But they cannot conceive
That all of it was just made up,
No, the Mormons just believe.
And the Mormons just believe through it all,
Though it’s written very clear on the wall,
A pile of shit, it’s not legit,
But the Mormons just believe.
© Diane Tingen, 7/1/2011

In my opinion, this is a much better idea...


Jean said...

Love it Diane; great job.

What do Mormons believe?
The last thing they were told.

Anonymous said...

Oh man--in my last futile battle with myself before deciding the church is a crock I remember telling myself to just choose to believe. And then that sounded so ridiculous I realized how ridiculous the whole thing was! Love your parodies, especially this one. faith/aintnomonomo