Monday, July 11, 2011


Mormon Temple Wedding Policy Petition
One of the things that seems to be commented on a great deal when discussing the Mormon Church is how family-oriented it is.   That aspect of families being so important is one of the things that makes the Mormon Church stand out, and although I don't believe that the church is true anymore, I still acknowledge that part of its uniqueness.  Because of that reputation of being family-oriented, I feel that the Mormon Church should be very careful with the way in which that message is given to the world, especially since it is obvious that the Mormon Church wants to be accepted as Christian by the Christian community.  If the Mormon Church truly wants to be known for being family-oriented, then I feel that it should acquiesce and change its policy about how weddings are performed within the church.   By allowing civil unions prior to sealings in Mormon Temples, they would exhibit Christian attitudes and show that really care about keeping families together.  That, in my opinion, would go a long way to cementing that "family image" in people's minds. 

So here is another hymn parody that I have written in support of the Mormon Temple Wedding Policy Petition.  Isn't it about time?

Sung to the tune of As I Search the Holy Scriptures, #277

Families are so important,
By the Mormon Church defined
As eternally connected,
Ever with their lives entwined.

Temple wedding ceremonies
Should include the families
Even if they’re not all Mormon,
Please remove the boundaries.

Just allowing civil unions
To take place before they’re sealed
In a Mormon Temple wedding
Would consideration yield.

Far too many are excluded,
It is time for compromise.
Changing things to show compassion
Would go far in people’s eyes.

© Diane Tingen, 7/11/2011

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