Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Another LDS hymn parody.  As usual, once my mind gets going on something, it starts churning and I can't seem to stop it.  Thus, this is my 37th LDS hymn parody - and my new goal is at least 50, so stay tuned...

This hymn parody addresses the fact that TRUTH truly is the bottom line.  It is all-important and non-wavering.  TRUTH is TRUTH is TRUTH, now and forever, and actual TRUTH cannot be denied.  Because of that, the quote by Boyd K. Packer irritates me to no end (depicted in the above drawing), and that is "Some things that are true are not useful."  To the contrary, though, in my opinion, everything that is true is useful in determining a person's belief system.  To say that truth doesn't matter is simply mind-boggling to me.  But that's exactly what Boyd K. Packer says in that quote.  Basically, he is saying, "So what if something is true?  So what if there are lies laced through Mormon doctrine and history?  So what if Joseph Smith made up Mormonism and it is not founded in actual truth?  None of that matters."  Of course, that's what he wants us to believe - and that's what the Mormon Church wants us to believe as well.  Accept it all by faith.  But once examined, if something isn't true, then it should be discarded - at least, in my opinion.  As I've said before, accepting something by faith is all fine and good, but when the evidence points to it actually being false, then what a person is exhibiting isn't faith anymore but rather just denial.

Yes, TRUTH does matter.  If something isn't true, then please don't tell me it is.  Don't lie to me.  Is that too much to ask???

Sung to the tune of Nearer, My God, to Thee, #100

Truth is the bottom line,
Don’t buy the lies.
Look at the evidence,
Not what they devise.
It simply makes no sense,
And there is no defense
For its complete pretense,
Use your common sense.

The Mormon Church is false,
Just a façade.
Given a deeper look,
Clearly it’s a fraud.
Though Mormons say it’s true,
Try to bamboozle you,
Tactics to ambush you,
Easy to see through.

Research it for yourself,
Just Google it.

Then you will clearly see
How it doesn't fit.
No matter what they say

As you they try to sway,
Facts all their words betray,
Simply say "No Way!!"

© Diane Tingen, 11/1/2011


Donna Banta said...

You nailed another one, Diane! Truth isn't useful to Mormons because they have their own facts!

Ahab said...

It stuns me that someone could actually say, "Some things that are true are not useful." It sounds like a line out of 1984.

Diane Tingen said...

Donna -- oh, so true. Mormons definitely have their own interpretation of facts. Very frustrating.

Ahab -- I think you've hit the nail on the head. A line out of 1984. Very good comparison. Mormons seems to think that if you repeat a lie enough times that it suddenly becomes the truth. Again, very frustrating.

Ain't No Mo No Mo said...

Love it. You seriously have to get these recorded. You know how many exmos would buy them? :)

Sam said...

Interestingly enough, there is a hymn saying truth is the most priceless... "Oh Say, What is Truth?" For some reason, it rarely gets sung...but I think that is one that could actually be posted word-for-word with no changes!