Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Here's another song parody, this one to a classic song by The Who.  I heard this song on the radio recently, and the minute I heard it I started singing "Mormon Wasteland." Seriously, this song parody wrote itself.

It wasn't until I started doing some research about this song, though, that I discovered its real title is actually "Baba O'Riley" and not "Teenage Wasteland."  I found a very interesting article about its meaning at this link:

I didn't know any of this... I have always thought it's a song about teenage angst.

As far as this song parody goes, my opinion of the Mormon Church fits perfectly with the title "Mormon Wasteland."  For so many years, I felt trapped inside the Mormon Wasteland, trying to "just believe," but struggling to understand things that I now consider completely absurd.  I bought into the mantra they espouse that basically says that if you are having trouble believing it, it's you and not them - that you just need to pray more, read the scriptures more, have faith, and attend more church meetings (and, you know, "Doubt your Doubts").  But regardless of how much I did those things, I still felt very conflicted. Finally, after researching Mormon Church History, I had a very significant AHA Moment and ultimately came to the conclusion that it's all completely bogus... and the moment when I had that realization was very freeing and was a huge turning point in my life.

Since leaving Mormonism behind over 10 years ago, I have never regretted leaving the "Mormon Wasteland."  So yes, I worked my way out of Mormonism's blunder, so grateful that the exodus is here and the happy ones are near (and that those happy ones include me).  After having spent 52 years inside the Mormon Wasteland, I am very grateful that I got it together before I got any older and wasted any more time on a bogus religion based on an enormous stack of lies.

Sung to the tune of Teenage Wasteland by The Who

I saw the charade,
I felt so betrayed,
I turned my back on all the lying.
I don’t need to fight,
To prove I’m right,
I don’t need to be forgiven.

Don’t cry,
Don’t raise your eye,
It’s only Mormon Wasteland.

And so with the dawn,
All my doubts are gone,
Worked my way out
Of Mormonism’s blunder.
The exodus is here,
The happy ones are near,
Let's get together
Before we get much older.

Mormon Wasteland,
It’s only Mormon Wasteland.
Mormon Wasteland,
Oh yeah, Mormon Wasteland.

They’re all clueless!!

© Diane Tingen

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