Sunday, April 19, 2015

CLEARLY IT'S BOGUS DOCTRINE - Song Parody (Tom Petty Classic)

Here's another ExMormon song parody set to a Tom Petty song (my fourth parody of his songs). Of course, I also posted Refugee, but that doesn't count since it's not a song parody but rather my ExMormon Anthem. I don't know what it is about Tom Petty's songs, but they seem to adapt well to ExMormon song parodies. Or maybe it's just that they call out to me.  After all, I am a huge Tom Petty fan. Whatever it is, I'm very grateful to him for providing me with such great inspiration.

This one is obviously self-explanatory. Yes, Mormonism is clearly filled with bogus doctrine (as well as sordid history). Full of lies and deception. A scam - and a total fraud. IMO, it was made up from the get-go by Joseph Smith for various reasons (including being able to do whatever he wanted and say it came from God - you know, like polygamy and polyandry, marrying teenage girls and women who were already married to living husbands). Truly, I don't understand how anyone can stay when they find out the truth behind just that, let alone all the other lies (like the Book of Abraham, for instance).  So many intelligent people, buying the lies and throwing their lives away adhering to a false religion. Very sad.


I was raised to be a good Mormon clone,
I never doubted it, stayed in the zone,
I just believed it, even when I was grown,
The future was all Mormon.

But then the questions started flooding my mind,
I started reading everything I could find,
And with the research, I was no longer blind,
The lies were apparent.

Clearly it’s bogus doctrine,
That’s why I walked away.
Clearly it’s bogus doctrine,
And that’s why I couldn’t stay.

The Mormons say that their religion is true,
But it’s so obvious they don’t have a clue,
Because they’re staying when they should say adieu,
They keep on believin’.

It’s overwhelming, the deception and lies,
They try to mask it, cover up and disguise,
But when it comes to truth, there's no compromise,
The questions have been answered.

Clearly it’s bogus doctrine,
That’s why I walked away.
Clearly it’s bogus doctrine,
So why do the Mormons stay?

Clearly it’s bogus doctrine,
Made up by Joseph Smith.
Clearly it’s bogus doctrine,
It’s nothing but just a myth.

© Diane Tingen, 4/19/2015

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