Sunday, December 28, 2014


Born and raised Mormon (a/k/a Brainwashed from Birth).  That's what happened to me.  I know some people (especially TBMs) think that this characterization is ridiculous, absurd and asinine - even melodramatic.  But in reality, that's exactly what the Mormon Church does to its members.  It brainwashes them.  Mormons are told to "just believe."  If they begin to doubt, they are told to "doubt their doubts before they doubt their faith."  They are told that God's way are not our ways, and God works in mysterious ways.  They are told that they may not understand it all in this life, but that if they endure to the end, they will understand everything and will know that it was worth it.  Because of those types of messages, a large number of Mormons just go along, believing that it's them and not the church.  They believe that they aren't righteous enough to accept and understand it all because that's what they're told - that if they are doubting, they need to pray more, read the scriptures more, be more faithful, attend church meetings more, and on and on and on, ad nauseum.  They are given the message that if they do those things, perhaps then they'll be able to accept and understand the questions that are on their minds.

But obviously, since a lot of people are leaving the Mormon Church these days, at some point many Mormons do start questioning in earnest, and decide to research on their own. In doing so, though, those Mormons are going against what they told not to do since Mormons are only supposed to research within approved parameters, only read Church-approved books and publications, and only rely on what they are told by Church leaders.  Of course, that is one of the signs of the Mormon Church being a cult.  Naturally, Mormons are offended when the "One and Only True Church" is called a cult.  But the fact that they even think the Mormon Church is the "One and Only True Church" is another sign of being a cult (called Exclusivity).

Despite what the leaders of the Mormon Church preach, critical thinking is the key to discovering the truth about Mormonism.  Getting beyond the brainwashing.  Getting beyond doing what you are told to do and thinking for yourself.  Ridding yourself of the notion that every negative book/article out there is "Anti-Mormon Propaganda," which is a phrase designed to keep Mormons from researching anything outside the approved parameters, and keep them from finding the actual truth (that they have been duped into adhering to a bogus religion).

After spending 52 years trapped inside Mormonism, I'm so glad that I finally decided to research on my own because otherwise I would never have discovered the actual truth - that Mormonism was made up from the get-go by Joseph Smith, its founders, and has been perpetuated ever since by others who have their own agendas for maintaining this bogus religion.

And so, here is my latest song parody.  Because Even the Mormons get thinking sometimes, and critical thinking needs to be encouraged.

Sung to the tune of Even the Losers by Tom Petty

Well, I was really brainwashed, told what to believe,
And I didn’t question, didn’t know they’d deceive.
Yes, they programmed me and I couldn't see,
No, it shouldn't have been that easy to Mormon-ize me.

So I went along, and it all seemed real,
I stuffed down my doubts to maintain the zeal.
But then eventually, I saw the lies,
Though it really wasn't that easy to rip off the disguise.

Maybe even the Mormons
Get thinking sometimes,
Even the Mormons
Give a little bit of thought,
They get thinking sometimes.

Finally looked and it made no sense,
For too much of it, there’s no defense.
I should have known before that it’s simply not true,
But I’m really glad I finally got a clue.

Maybe even the Mormons
Get thinking sometimes,
Even the Mormons
Give a little bit of thought,
They get thinking sometimes.

© Diane Tingen

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Anonymous said...

Hello Diane

I like your poems and I thought you might get a kick out of this sonnet I wrote. Regardless of whether or not you post it on your blog.

The book of Abraham

The book was translated from papyrus,
The translation was as false as can be,
But the book did still spread like a virus,
The book is filled with stupid lunacy,
After the papyrus was really found,
The book of Abraham was proven false,
Missed translated by a man of renowned,
Smith's followers try to revive it's pulse,
But there every effort will be for not,
Because in the book there's nothing that's true,
It is unfortunate that's all we've got,
Joseph Smith filled the book with number two,
It should have the secrets of time and space,
But it's only got backward views on race,

I should clarify by saying that I don't think Mormons are generally bad people but I do you think their religion is demonstrably false and that their leaders are liars.

P.S I have an account on where my username is anti-Mormon.