Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Over the years since leaving Mormonism behind, my dislike and distaste (perhaps hate) for the "Prophet Joseph" has grown substantially.  Even remembering hearing him called the "Prophet Joseph" that makes me nauseous.  I mean, the dude made the whole thing up.  A complete and total hoax from the get-go.  And it seems to me that in the process, he just had to keep going, creating new and improved "evidence" to bolster his position as "Prophet and Seer."  Always going one step further, one step further, one step further.  First it was the Book of Mormon, translated from golden plates.  Then it was the Book of Abraham, translated from Egyptian papyri.  Both false documents, in my opinion.  Plagiarized, most likely.  But both canonized, nonetheless.  And of course, there's the "revelations" in the Doctrine & Covenants to add extra support - also canonized.  I could go on and on...

Although Mormons practically worship him, Joseph Smith was actually a shyster, a charlatan, a con artist, a flim-flam man.  From all accounts, he was very charismatic, and people were drawn to him.  And from what I've been able to gather, he just couldn't get enough of being the "center of attention."

In my opinion, Joseph's main motivation was power, money and control over people.  But there is also the aspect of creating polygamy and polyandry to satisfy his sexual desires.  When I began looking at the timeline for events that occurred in the history of the Mormon Church, it was obvious to me that the "Prophet Joseph" was driven by his sexual desires.  His first "polygamous wife" is listed as being Fanny Alger, who he "married" in 1833 - but according to what I've read, that union was actually, according to Oliver Cowdery, a "dirty, filthy affair."  My opinion is that he got caught cheating, and decided to create polygamy (and then polyandry) to cover his tracks. 

The whole thing smells to high heaven.  It makes me sick to my stomach because in actuality, he was a sexual predator and a pedophile (and I suppose I should say IMO).  Every time I think about all this, I could kick myself for not researching Mormon Church history earlier in my life.  Of course, as TBM as I was back then, I probably would have rationalized it all out just like all the TBMs do today.

Anyway, here's a short poem I wrote in tribute to the "Prophet Joseph."  Like the poem says, I hope he's "burning in hellfire." 

Thoughts of Joseph Smith inspire
Darkened scenes and strong desire,
Gruesome fate so grim and dire
That he’s burning in hellfire.
Once a man I did admire,
Now I’d throw him in the mire,
Singing “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire,
Your nose is longer than a telephone wire…”
© Diane Tingen, 1/2/2013

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Donna Banta said...

Okay, now that song is going to be playing in my head all day. :) Thanks for the shout out on the Brodie's BTW and congrats on your nomination. I need to nominate some more folks. There are so many good blogs out there, like yours!