Monday, October 8, 2012

COME, LET US REVIEW - LDS Hymn Parody #72

Well, it's been quite awhile since I wrote an LDS Hymn Parody - the last one I wrote was back in July.  But with General Conference having taken place this past weekend, it's no wonder that this new hymn parody popped into my head today. 

So here is my 72nd LDS Hymn Parody.  As in so many of my other hymn parodies, the theme of this new one is the deception and lies that Joseph Smith conjured up to form the basis and foundation of the Mormon Church, and the perpetuation of those lies since his time through to the present.  It also touches on another recurring theme - that many TBMs tend to simply accept everything they are told, regardless of any evidence against it all, and "just believe."  Otherwise known as the "Sheep" syndrome.

Recently, though, it has become clear me that more and more people are seeing through the lies and deciding to walk away.  The church leaders try to say that's not the case, and attempt to characterize the Mormon Church as the "fast-growing Christian religion in the world."  In my opinion, it is creative accounting that bolsters the statistics they hold out.  From what I have observed in various places on the internet (including many ExMormon and PostMormon type of groups on Facebook), there are more and more former sheep all the time who have seen the light and have decided that they, like me, can no longer live the lie.  For me, that is very reassuring.  As time goes on, I am certain that more and more Mormons will begin to "review the clues" that are so obvious to me now, and decide that life is too short and precious to continue to associate themselves with a religion that plays so fast and loose with the truth.  At least, I hope so...

Sung to the tune of Come, Let Us Anew #217
Come, let us review
Each obvious clue,
Discussing the lies
That they cover up
And attempt to disguise.
It is filled with deceit,
Many falsehoods replete.
But the Mormons believe,
Without thinking accept
All the lies that they weave.
Without thinking accept
All the lies that they weave.
They follow along
Although it is wrong,
And simply obey,
Their eyes fully shut,
As in darkness they stay.
But if they’d only look
Then they’d see what a crook
Joseph Smith really was.
And they might recognize
All the obvious flaws.
And they might recognize
All the obvious flaws.
The man they revere,
Their prophet and seer,
Created a fraud,
The gospel they teach
Is not the Word of God.
Joseph Smith was a con,
I could go on and on,
Mormonism untrue.
The deception is clear
So I bid it adieu.
The deception is clear
So I bid it adieu.
© Diane Tingen

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